women to feel empowered again

by pandora

I want my story to be heard, for women to gain their power back. we don’t have to feel alone, it is our right to feel strong, more confident and especially in control of your own life choices.

I have just started a new journey with coaching women to find their intimacy again. This is not just about intimacy, we unlock and remove deep unwanted unconscious memories that have coursed them to shut down and lose their self-esteem.

.I was once lost in a 20-year marriage and it was hard and the safest way of coping was to shut all feelings out and just live mechanically. We protect and we block what is too hard to face. Then this causes pain and sickness within our body and we give off toxic frequency and wonder why everything is happening to us. I was once lost in a busy world of dysfunction. The crazy thing I thought this was all normal and this is how life was meant to be. until I woke up, well someone woke me up and it took a year to gain strength to do what I thought right at the time.

No one sees the pain we hide inside, we act positive and like our life is great, until we finally waken. wake to the question of who am I really. I don’t even know how I like my eggs or how to dress any more. what style do I like on me? seeing your body as its okay and not even know you have lost a lot of weight because of the day to day stresses. which they all seem so normal to you. hey just seem like this is the way life is meant to be. no feeling, spreading every one else, going to work like a robot and forgetting who am I? what do I want? what do I like to do? these are all things we lose in our relationships.

How do we get lost, when did we lose our self? we meet a magical man, fall in love and before we know it, we are in another relationship that always seems bad. the sound of them talking makes you cringe, the verbal abuse and hurt you feel in your heart. How did we get here, we were so in love, loving each other’s smell, quirky little actions and smile. Now all those things just annoy us and piss us off. what the hell, when did we lose each other. and how to find each other again

this is what I do, coach women to self-love, strength, power and just changing your everyday frequency, as you start attracting all those magical things back into your life. I do this with Theta healing, NLP, and matrix. with changing our beliefs, we work with unblocking what is stopping us from moving forward and most of all you are happy in your own skin again. You know how you like your eggs again and you know what you look good in and the rest of the world notices too because you are smiling and glowing.